Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 5.03 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 488m

Col de Soller South climb

Majorca, Spain

The Col De Soller south climb starts straight after the roundabout on MA11A. You will see the sign indicating the start of the climb. From that point it is approximately 5 km to the other sign at the ...

Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 7.5 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 328m

Alto Garruchal

Murcia, Spain

On the outskirts of Murcia, the Alto Garruchal is a very popular climb. This is a 7.50 km Bike Ride and it has a total ascent of 249m with a maximum elevation of 328m. This segment was part of the ...

Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 5.07 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 481m

Col de Orient

Majorca, Spain

Stay on the MA-2100 after leaving Alaro riding towards Orient. Coll d’Orient is a steady, fairly easy, category 3 climb. The road surface is fantastic and the gradient varies slightly. There are no re...

Avg. Grade: 6%

Distance: 4 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 286m

Alto de Cedacero

Murcia, Spain

Stay on the E-22 towards Cartagena for this climb. It starts from the junction to La Azohia and carries on for 4km to the top. Up to the Campillo de Adentro junction is a flat straight section and yo...

Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 4.73 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 364m

Castell de Santueri

Majorca, Spain

Castell de Santueri is a difficult climb, mainly because of the last kilometre, which has an average of nearly 10% gradient. The first 3kilometres are relatively flat. The road condition is good but q...

Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 5.13 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 380m

Ermita de Betlem

Majorca, Spain

A popular ride in the East side of Majorca with 5% average gradient. Starts easy and gets a bit steeper after the 2nd Kilometre. A few steeper sections around the bends. ...

Avg. Grade: 1%

Distance: 16.23 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 345m

Coin - Alozaina

Costa Del Sol, Spain

Stage 2 La Vuelta 2018 category 3 climb from Coin to Alozaina on the A-366. A short climb just on the outskirts of Coin followed with a descent and some flat sections before you hit the climb to Aloza...

Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 6.85 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 1200m

Seguna Parte de la Cabra

Sierra Nevada, Spain

This is the final part of the climb. The last 6.85 kms. The first 4km has some short downhills and flat sections scattered throughout and its ideal for a short recovery before the final push up to the...

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