Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 9.59 Kms, Climb Category: 2, Max Elevation: 562m

Tabayesco climb

Lanzarote, Spain

One of the most popular climbs of Lazarote, Tabayesco is just under 10kms with an average gradient of 5%. It starts at the junction of LZ-1 with LZ-207 between the villages of Arieta and Mala. It's on...

Avg. Grade: 6%

Distance: 8.42 Kms, Climb Category: 2, Max Elevation: 1085m

Tamaimo - Arguayo climb

Tenerife, Spain

This segment starts on the outskirts of Tamaimo on the TF-82 heading towards Santiago del Teide before you turn right towards Las Manchas and Ermita del Santo. It is a 9km climb with an average of 6% ...

Avg. Grade: 7%

Distance: 7.37 Kms, Climb Category: 2, Max Elevation: 1195m

Alto Collado Bermejo South

Murcia, Spain

This is a hard climb over the Sierra Espuna mountain range and coming from the south you will, most likely, have already climbed the Alto de Aledo, so legs will be screaming on the way up to the top. ...

Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 9.87 Kms, Climb Category: 2, Max Elevation: 512m

Coll de Soller North climb

Majorca, Spain

The climb over Coll de Soller from the town of Soller (northern climb) is longer than the other side and more difficult. It's a steady climb and quite normal for the first few kilometres. The climb ge...

Avg. Grade: 10%

Distance: 4.97 Kms, Climb Category: 2, Max Elevation: 928m

The Antennas

Costa Del Sol, Spain

After Mijas stay on the A368 back to Benalmadena and turn left on the first U-bend. There is a small sign to 'Camino la Ermitica'. The Antennas Climb is a steady 5km long climb with an average of 10% ...

Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 9.48 Kms, Climb Category: 2, Max Elevation: 490m

Puerto de Ojen

Costa Del Sol, Spain

This segment is very close to the Hotel Marbella Hills & Spa and this category 2 climb has been featured at the La Vuelta 2018 stage 2 from Marbella to Caminito del Rey. Its a hard climb for 10kms wit...

Avg. Grade: 11%

Distance: 4.05 Kms, Climb Category: 2, Max Elevation: 1108m


Tenerife, Spain

Masca, one of the most demanding climbs on the island with 4 kms between 13% and 20% sections. This segment is on TF-436 coming from Buenavista del Norte but before this climb you have to go over anot...

Avg. Grade: 4%

Distance: 10.86 Kms, Climb Category: 2, Max Elevation: 405m

Mirador del Rio from Arrieta

Lanzarote, Spain

There are 3 ways climbing Mirador del Rio. From Orzola in the north, Arrieta from the south and from Maguez in the southwest of Lanzarote. From Arrieta, the longest of the three ways, head north on th...

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