Avg. Grade: 9%

Distance: 0.59 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 70m

Wiseman's Bridge Climb

Tenby, Wales

From the word go you will start climbing the steep Wiseman’s Bridge hill, with an average of 9% gradient. It is the steepest of all the hills during the LCW and IRONMAN event route with the highest in...

Avg. Grade: 6%

Distance: 0.81 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 81m

Freshwater West Full North Climb

Tenby, Wales

A short steep climb with an average of 6% but the highest gradient is a massive 20%, enough to make your legs scream at the top of the hill. Before you scream though, take the opportunity to enjoy som...

Avg. Grade: 7%

Distance: 0.63 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 31m

Narberth Hill

Tenby, Wales

Just on the outskirts of Narberth you will have to negotiate a long fast descent with a few turns before hitting a steep incline as you ride up into Narberth. You will need to drop down to your lowest...

Avg. Grade: 4%

Distance: 1.14 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 50m

Climb from Carew to Whitehill

Tenby, Wales

Almost immediately after leaving Carew Bridge, you will hit with a long and steep hill for about 1km. The average gradient is 4%. These little climbs will keep coming relentlessly as the route continu...

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