Avg. Grade: 5.1%

Distance: 1.79 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 95m

Broadfield Hill Saundersfoot

Tenby, Wales

Broadfield Hill, known as the "heartbreak hill", is a long climb and the incline varies with the highest of approximately 12% gradient. It is a long climb so keep it together and don’t try to power u...

Avg. Grade: 1%

Distance: 10.39 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 188m

San Miguel-Rebate

Murcia, Spain

Whichever way you go this 10kms segment has it all. A narrow road in the countryside with lots of short and steep inclines, descends, sharp bends and hairpins. A lovely piece of road to enjoy cycling....

Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 2.74 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 101m

La Santa to Soo - Climb

Lanzarote, Spain

From La Santa follow signs to Soo and Famara for this steady climb for approximately 3kms. You will be riding this way if you are staying in one of La Santa's hotels and you're heading North. One way ...

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