Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 5.16 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 351m

Femes Climb from North

Lanzarote, Spain

Climbing Femes from the north, starts from the outskirts of Uga on the LZ-702 heading south towards the village of Las Casitas. The first 1.5kms can be tricky as climbing towards Las Casitas has an ...

Avg. Grade: 4%

Distance: 3.48 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 225m

Cap de Formentor

Majorca, Spain

From Puerto Pollensa take the MA-2210 and head towards the famous lighthouse which is Majorca's most northern point. It's not a technical climb at all but just a series of short inclines and descents....

Avg. Grade: 7%

Distance: 3.86 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 346m

La Cuesta

Murcia, Spain

A grade 4 climb, with an average of 7% gradient. The climb starts as soon as you leave Las Palas village on the RM-E34 and for the first 2.28kms, up to the roundabout, is just a steady climb with 2%...

Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 3.97 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 349m

Conil Riser

Lanzarote, Spain

This climb is part of the IM Lanzarote 2019 on the LZ-501, starting on the outskirts of Tias, the climb will take you through Conil before you join the LZ-30 and go south through La Geria or north tow...

Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 2.71 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 497m

Coll d'Honor from Orient

Majorca, Spain

This is a short climb over Coll d'Honor coming from Orient. It is a small climb over 2.71 kilometres and only really worth doing if you are staying on the MA-2100 after climbing the Coll d'Orient. Jus...

Avg. Grade: 2%

Distance: 6.32 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 358m

Timanfaya From North

Lanzarote, Spain

This is the northern Timanfaya climb coming from Mancha Blanca on the LZ-67. It's a steady climb for the first 5 kms but it gets a bit harder straight after the juction to the visitors centre at Islot...

Avg. Grade: 4%

Distance: 2.98 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 200m

Tias - El Sabio Climb

Lanzarote, Spain

This segment is part of IM lanzarote 2019 heading out from Puerto Del Carmen towards Tias on the way to Timanfaya National Park and La Geria climb. It's a steady climb with 4% average gradient. ...

Avg. Grade: 6%

Distance: 1.99 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 133m

Portman climp

Murcia, Spain

A popular climb for the locals, on the N-345 the Portman climb towards La Union is a short 2kms ride with 6% average gradient. The climb is short and steady but if it is the last climb of the day it ...

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