Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 3.28 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 791m

Monte Albo Climb

Sardinia, Italy

At the end of the Sant'Anna climb turn left, still on SP3, towards Lula and continue climbing around Monte Albo. The road is narrow on certain areas but traffic free, the most of the time. Road surfac...

Avg. Grade: 4%

Distance: 4.51 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 370m

Cabezo de la Plata from South

Murcia, Spain

Climbing Cabezo de la Plata riding from the south on the RM-F56 is a steady incline for 4.5Kms. It is a typical narrow Spanish country road and the average incline is 4%. The steepest sections are tow...

Avg. Grade: 2%

Distance: 7.83 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 473m

De rotonda los Morenos a Mijas

Costa Del Sol, Spain

This section has been used by La Vuelta 2018 on their 3rd stage coming from Coin towards Mijas. It starts on the roundabout on the A-387. The first 3 kilometres are steep with a 5.7% average incline a...

Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 6.09 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 440m

Mirador del Rio from Maquez

Lanzarote, Spain

This climb to Mirador del Rio is the most popular one and the views when you're approaching the pick are phenomenal. The climb starts on the outskirts of Maquez on the LZ-201 heading north. Just befor...

Avg. Grade: 7%

Distance: 2.37 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 702m

Coll dels Reis from South

Majorca, Spain

Riding from the South turn left from MA10 towards the pick of Coll dels Reis. I'm afraid, before descending the Sa Calobra, in order to climb it back up, you have to climb to the top of the Coll dels ...

Avg. Grade: 7%

Distance: 2.42 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 335m

La Asomada-Calle Callao

Lanzarote, Spain

A less popular climb to La Asomada on a small quite road. Starting from the roundabout on the LZ-2, heading towards La Asomada the climb is only 2.42kms long. The start and the end of this climb are t...

Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 5.19 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 363m

Timanfaya from South

Lanzarote, Spain

This popular climb to Timanfaya, starts from the outskirts of Yaiza on the LZ-67 and it is sligthly steeper from the northern one. The climb is just over 5Kms and it’s not steep just a steady ascent w...

Avg. Grade: 5%

Distance: 3.26 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 412m

Monte Corona from Maguez

Lanzarote, Spain

This segment starts from Maguez on the LZ-201 towards the village of Ye. You will do this climb on your way to Mirador del Rio. Monte Corona is one of the highest volcano's in Lanzarote at 609m. It's ...

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