Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 8.05 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 635m

Sant'Anna from Lode

Sardinia, Italy

Based on local riders this is the most difficult way up to Sant'Anna. Although the average incline is only 3% this segment has some very steep sections going over 20% for the first 4kms. The climb eas...

Avg. Grade: 1%

Distance: 16.23 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 345m

Coin - Alozaina

Costa Del Sol, Spain

Stage 2 La Vuelta 2018 category 3 climb from Coin to Alozaina on the A-366. A short climb just on the outskirts of Coin followed with a descent and some flat sections before you hit the climb to Aloza...

Avg. Grade: 3%

Distance: 6.85 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 1200m

Seguna Parte de la Cabra

Sierra Nevada, Spain

This is the final part of the climb. The last 6.85 kms. The first 4km has some short downhills and flat sections scattered throughout and its ideal for a short recovery before the final push up to the...

Avg. Grade: 7%

Distance: 2.84 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 360m

Coll Des Pi

Majorca, Spain

On the MA-10 going south the Coll Des Pi climb is a short one, with some difficult sections which can make your legs scream. It's only 2.84 Kms with an average of 7% gradient. Coll des Pi is a cat 3 c...

Avg. Grade: 7%

Distance: 3.15 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 369m

Coll de sa Creu from Palma

Majorca, Spain

Climbing Coll de sa Creu from Palma is a very popular route into the Tramuntana mountain range. On the MA-1043 out of Palma, it's a steady climb, but it gets a bit tougher as soon as you hit the bends...

Avg. Grade: 6%

Distance: 3.32 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 272m

Las Brenas climb

Lanzarote, Spain

Las Brenas climb is a 3.32kms climb on the way to Femes, at the south of Lanzarote. It's a steady climb on the LZ-703 with the first part, up to the village of Las Brenas being a bit easier than the c...

Avg. Grade: 2%

Distance: 8.67 Kms, Climb Category: 4, Max Elevation: 207m


Lanzarote, Spain

Part of the IM Lanzarote 2019 bike course this section starts from Famara heading south on the LZ-402. It's just a steady climb all the way without any steep sections really but the wind direction can...

Avg. Grade: 4%

Distance: 5.45 Kms, Climb Category: 3, Max Elevation: 334m

Teseguite climb

Lanzarote, Spain

A steady climb on the LZ-404 heading west towards Teguise. You will pass through the village of Teseguite. The road is straight and smooth with typical 'Lanzarotian' landscape, exposed to the famous w...

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