Mar Hotels Rosa del Mar & Spa

Palmanova, Majorca, Spain - Map Location


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The Mar Hotels Rosa del Mar & Spa ,is a 4-star hotel for families and couples. This Aparthotel is located in a quiet area between Palmanova and Magalluf just a few metres away from the beach. There’s a spa, Splash! area with slides for children, restaurant with show-cooking, indoor and outdoor swimming-pool, leisure and entertainment services for a fun and relaxing holiday.

The Mar Hotels Rosa del Mar has a cycle centre with bike hire, workshop and route info. Road cyclists, triathletes and mountain bikers in Majorca have a fantastic opportunity to train on the bike and then rest in the spa area. Mar Hotels uses Bicicletas Pepe for all our cycling needs.

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Bike storage

Bike Workshop

Bike Wash

Cycling Center

Fitness area



Half Board Option

Athletes' menu

Bike rental

Bike Shop

Road cycling routes




Tell us about the Hotel and your Cycling Experience.

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