My Sea House Flamingo

Playa de Palma, Majorca, Spain - Map Location


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MySeaHouse Hotel Flamingo is an adult-only hotel that was created for guests and cyclists who do not settle for the minimum standards.

Set on the beachfront of Playa de Palma, this hotel boasts two outdoor swimming pool with sea views and has free WiFi throughout. It also offers a Cycling Centre with a cleaning station, tool table, mechanical support, accessory kits and repairs, lockers and also picnic for cyclists. As well as having a complete gym and spa with sauna, Turkish bath and different hydro therapy areas, shower sensations, heated pool and massage services.

Designed for the perfect rest in a unique environment, the 110 rooms and Junior Suites at MySeaHouse Hotel Flamingo are ideal to enjoy your holiday by the Mediterranean Sea. No doubt, it's the best place for cyclists' lovers to recharge their batteries.

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Special Offers

Athletes' menu

Tools and supplies

Bike rental

Bike wash


Cycling Center


Bike storage

Sports nutrition sale


Bike repair / tools


Fitness area

Road cycling routes


Adults Only

Tell us about the Hotel and your Cycling Experience.

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