Puerto Pollensa - Coll de sa Batalla

Majorca, departing from Puerto Pollensa Road Medium

From Puerto Pollensa go south towards Campanet, Selva and Caimari. Coll de sa Batalla is a popular climb on the MA-2130 and it starts from Caimari heading towards Lluc. It's in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains in the north of Majorca. The Coll de sa Batalla is one of the most popular rides. It's a long climb but not very hard. This is a scenic route so enjoy the scenery. At the top of the climb near the MA-10 juction there is a coffee shop for a quick refueling break and then turn right towards Pollensa for our way back.

Distance: 63.19kms - Elevation: 1027m Strava Print GPX

Kms - Distance

metres - Elevetion

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