Costa Teguise - Tabayesco - Famara

Lanzarote, departing from Costa Teguise Road Medium

Starting from Costa Teguise heading north for climbing Tabayesco, one of the most popular climbs. Starting form Costa Teguise climb towards the whites Arches and turn right towards Arrieta. After climbing Tabayesco, descent to Teguise and then turn right towards Famara. Climb towards Soo and Tiagua before you head back to Costa Teguise.

Costa Teguise – Arrieta – Tabayesco - Los Valles - Teguise – Famara – Soo - Nazaret - Tahiche - Costa Teguise

Distance: 86.68kms - Elevation: 1315m Strava Print GPX

Kms - Distance

metres - Elevetion

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