Tenby IRONMAN Wales Pembroke loop

Pembrokeshire, Tenby, departing from Tenby, Lamphey Road Medium

Cycle around some of the most beautiful parts of Pembrokeshire. The whole course is a challenging bike route but it can be split into three different distances and according to your abilities you can pick and choose which one you will tackle over your weekend stay in Tenby. Ideally you should be going for the whole 179 kilometres (112 miles)...

Today will be doing the first part of the course which is an easy ride towards Pembroke, cycling all the way to Angle and back to Tenby. When you reach Lamphey junction you can either go back the same way as you rode earlier on or carry on straight and take The Ridgeway which will take you back to Tenby a slightly different way.

Read about the whole course here.

Distance: 70.3kms - Elevation: 757m Strava Print GPX

Kms - Distance

metres - Elevetion

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