• Hills never get easier, they just become shorter...


Having over 30 years experience in the Travel Industry, I can easily say that I know the Industry inside out. From Flights to hotels to transfers and beyond we can organise and sourse the most afforadable products for our clients needs.

Cycling is my passion, once you get hooked into it you there for good, as many of you will agree with me. Give me a bike or suggest a ride at any time and I'll be the first to be out. I think you know what I mean. I live in South Wales a beautiful place to be with lovely countryside, amazing beaches and the most important of all some excellent hills with some great elevations. Unfortunatelly our weather is not the greatest with cold and wet winters which makes cycling during this time of the year not as enjoyable.

Cycling abroad into some warmer climates such as Spain, Greece, Cyprus can give you this extra winter training, which as we say 'winter miles brings more summer smiles'.

Put the 2 together and you get an excellent Cycling Travel coordinator. The passion of cycling together the passion of travel and 'the ability to search and identify the most affordable way to travel' is the combination for an unforgetable cycling holiday with your mates.

We will give the advise where to book the cheapest flights, the best available hotel or apartments, your transfers of course and the most important of all a bike hire. Personally, allthought I love my bike, I find it much easier to hire one rather than dismantling mine and putting in a bike case just for a few dates. Fair enough, if you go for more than a week it will propably be cheaper but for the most common 3 or 4 night breaks, hiring is the easiest option.

Most importantly, we will try offer you as much local knowledge as possible suggesting you the best local cycling routes, which you can download to your Garmin or Strava and on the most of cases we will be able to provide you with a local cyclist to take you around the best places, if you dont feel that confident.

So here we are starting with just some places in Spain and we not some lovely rides in South West Wales for the warmer months taking you arround the Iron Man Wales cycling route and more.. Any suggestions and ideas from you guys will be much appreciated, so use the contact email below and fire away. We are here to help you ride more so please join the club.

Looking forward to hearing from you and assisting you to ride around some lovely areas like Murcia, Malaga, Majorca, Athens, Limassol, Tenby, Swansea and more. Please Ride Safe:)

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