The Pico Veleta

Sierra Nevada, Spain Road

At 3,398 metres above sea level the Pico Veleta is Europe's highest paved road and Europe's highest cycling climb. The climb starts on the outskirts of Granada and goes all the way to the top. The climb to Sierra Nevada's Ski Station has been featured in the La Vuelta a few times but it has never gone beyond the barrier at Hoya de la Mora at some 2,500 metres above sea level, as it is too long, too high and too tough for the riders.

There are a few different approaches to Pico Veleta, but the last 13kms will be the same from every approach. The main approaches start from Cenes de la Vega on the A-395, Pinos Genil on the A-4026, Monachil on the GR-3202 and finally Guejar Sierra on the GR-3200 (the toughest)

You'll be able to climb The Veleta from the end of May until the last week of October. Try to avoid July and August, as temperature's in the city of Granada can be very high. September and October are generally the best months.

Kms - Distance

metres - Highest Elevetion

metres - Elevetion Gained

% - Average Grade

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