Alto de Cedacero

Murcia, Spain Road

Stay on the E-22 towards Cartagena for this climb. It starts from the junction to La Azohia and carries on for 4km to the top. Up to the Campillo de Adentro junction is a flat straight section and you will start climbing straight after the junction. The incline to the first hairpins is up to 10% and drops down to 8% after. It’s hard a short but hard ride to the top. After the hairpins there is a lay-by with some spectacular views. It can be a busy road but it’s a wide road and the surface is great. There is a nice small flat section at the top after the houses on the left before a pleasant descend towards Cartagena. Towards the end of this descend, close to Cartagena, there is a nice cafe restaurant for a quick refreshment. It does get busy on Sundays, though.

Kms - Distance

metres - Highest Elevetion

metres - Elevetion Gained

% - Average Grade

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