Monte Corona from Orzola

Lanzarote, Spain Road

This segment starts from Orzola at the north of Lanzarote, on the LZ-203 heading south. The first 8kms, up to the village of Ye, are the same as the Mirador Del Rio climb. For the Mirador del Rio you need to turn right on to LZ-202 but in order to complete the Monte Corona climb you will need to carry on straight after Ye on the LZ-201. So on the outskirts of Ye you will have to make the decision of going right or left. I would personally go right up towards the Mirador and back down again, to finish the Monte Corona climb and head towards Guinate for some spectacular views. (Similar to Mirador Del Rio)

Image: view of the Monte Corona to your left riding up the LZ-201 towards the village of Ye

Kms - Distance

metres - Highest Elevetion

metres - Elevetion Gained

% - Average Grade

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