Femes climb from Salinas de Janubio

Lanzarote, Spain Road

This segment starts from La Hoya on the LZ-703. Stay on the LZ-703 towards Las Brenas and then towards Femes. The first 3kms you will be tackling the Las Brenas climb with an average of 6% gradient. A steady climb to start with but getting steeper towards the end, by the Caldera de Masian. After this point you will descent towards the roundabout before you start climbing the popular Femes climb. After the roundabout go straight on to LZ-702 and there is where the going gets tougher as the last kilometre to Femes has an average incline of 13%. Towards the end as you approach the village, just around the last 2 bends, you will hit the steepest sections of the climb, with inclines reaching up to 17%. It will make your legs hurt...

Kms - Distance

metres - Highest Elevetion

metres - Elevetion Gained

% - Average Grade

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